Pink Belt Project is bringing all women together to stand against crime, achieve progress by education, empower themselves to have best life, and be unified to create one voice to support worldwide unprivileged sisterhood.

Pink Belt Power
Safety Project

Complete safety project that provides tools, techniques and knowledge to strengthen women to deal with sexual assault and abuse in order to prevent crime against them.

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Pink Belt Enlightenment
Education Project

We sponsor education and computer literacy to poor kids and unprivileged women so they can have better opportunities for a successful life.

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Pink Belt Leaders
Empowerment Project

Financial empowerment is the best freedom for women. Vocational trainings, career counseling, job placement and entrepreneurship workshops are our pillars.

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In 2016 our founder Aparna Rajawat started Aaleya Welfare Society to sponsor education for poor kids. Later, she started Pink Belt Mission with the objective to strengthen every Indian women by providing them health awareness, safety techniques, legal rights, cybercrime, self-defense, computer literacy, and vocational trainings in order to prevent sexual and domestic abuse.

Progress Report
What we've done in the last 18 months

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Our core Beliefs

All three projects contain 6 core beliefs to awaken strength in every woman for their all-round development and to enhance their self-confidence to make them feel equal with hopes. We altogether can make a brighter future for the next generations.


"India is fastest developing country, but still half of its population struggle to live life with dignity. Women have been the victims of exploitations since long time in different fields in their life. There are several cases of sexual as well as moral abuse. through “Pink Belt Mission" We aim to create awareness that everyone should be respected and treated equally by spreading education and awareness for betterment of their life in every aspects so every female feel safer, healthier and happier to for balanced society." Aparna Rajawat,    Founder        Know more about her

Our Work

For Women

Strong women make stronger community. We focus on encouraging and supporting women to empower them in all aspects by spreading digital awareness, giving safety education to handle any kind of abuse, and giving vocational trainings to start their own micro-business. Our programs are developed organically to address safety and progress needs identified by the women.

For Community

Our aim is to support unprivileged people of the community. We focus on education for poor children, help kids with special needs, support handicapped people to start marginal business, and provide welfare schemes for elderly people medical support. We offer career counseling for young people to continue their financial education, and platforms to develop their sports and cultural talents.

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