We changed people’s mindset and behavior standards in cities where we provided Pink Belt trainings, workshops and seminars. Mutual respect developed. Women started feeling safer in their environment. Men started to develop understanding and recognizing that women’s safety is not a gender problem but a social problem, and they should play a major role in it.
Both genders should be eligible to have same rights, respect and freedom.

Our achievements

In the last two years, Pink Belt has changed life of thousands of women in India through its programs:

PB Education - provides multiple opportunities for learning skills and achieve a prosperous life.
PB Empowerment – gives platform to use their potential to gain financial freedom.
PB Safety - helps to discover their own strength to stand for themselves and understand their rights and self-worth.

We touched life of approximately 148000 females and 10000 men in over 800+ various sessions in different cities in India in 2 years. Whichever city PB has reached we take a pride to say that we were able to prevent domestic abuse, physical and sexual assault, at some extent. We have helpline for woman to get instant help if they are facing any violence.

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How we changed cities

  • Spread the idea of respect for women
  • Spread the sense that no women should be victimized
  • Development of proper support system for victims
  • Crime reduction (mainly stalking and eve teasing)

How we changed females

  • Women strengthened to deal with any kind of abuse
  • Awareness about their legal and social rights
  • Development of self-worth and respect
  • Understanding of not being inferior part of society

Going beyond

Many institutions and volunteers work for poor communities. We go beyond. We go to places where many are neglected.

  • Orphanage

  • Blind schools

  • Madarsa

  • Villages

  • Children with special needs

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