Core Team

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Aparna Rajawat


She is a multi-faceted, talented, dynamic, motivational speaker and Life Skills Coach whose story is not merely a rags to riches but a story from scratch to the sky and struggles, She has fueled positive change for International audiences from students to...Read more

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Satyarth Bhadauria

Project Manager

Satyarth Bhadauria is a budding entrepreneur with over 3 years experience in IT sector. At a very young age, he acquired knowledge in digital services, pitching clients, need-based assessment, drafting strategies, executing them and analyzing data ...

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Manisha Thakur
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Shashi Chahar
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Dr Shaily Ujjwal Sirohi
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Ravi Jain
International Contacts

Paris, France

Balwinder De Bois

Mexico City, Mexico

Laura Obregón

New York, USA

Indera Singh

Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Simone Lima

Queensland, Australia

Trudi Hall

London, England

Darshana Monawer

Indian States Heads


Suvidha Desai

Himachal Pradesh

Diksha Sharma


Navita Mehra


Bishnupriya Mangaraj


Preeti Sharma

Uttar Pradesh

Aasha Singh