We are proud of the beauty and the ancient culture of our country, India, but not proud of the fact that India has been named the most dangerous country in the world for women in a recent Thomson Reuters Foundation survey.
India is in denial of the fact that a majority of its women do not feel safe alone on the streets, at work, in markets or even at home.

    NCRB Record of Crime against women
Every 13 minutes One Rape
Every Day–232 Sexual assault
Every month – 5376 Abduction
Every 30 minutes 1 Minor Rape
Every Day - 6 Gang Rapes
12 Months - 400K female fetuses abort
Every 69 minutes 1 dowry death
Every Day – 302 cruelty by known
Every month – 19 Acid Attack
Implementation of Pink Belt Power Project

Pink Belt Power is an ongoing project. Our goal is to multiply the trainers who will spread this mission and further motivate and train other females so they feel empowered and safe to deal with domestic and sexual abuses. Our past experience says that conducting workshops in big cities generates more trainers as many females come from neighborhood towns and villages to study and to work, so they are more open-minded and have more freedom to join Pink Belt as volunteers and trainers. That also gives a major possibility to spread Pink Belt at their home towns.

Founder Workshop

Founder Workshop

Training of Volunteers
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All the participants understand the importance and value of Pink Belt Mission and how their life will change for better, so most of them wish to join our hands to be part of this movement and become a volunteer. For those volunteers we give 2-3 days exclusive training to become Pink Belt trainers.

Training by Trainers
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After permission of local authorities, our trainers go to different educational and professional institutions and train other thousands of females. Every other month Pink Belt core team takes one meeting with trainers to keep them inspired to spread unity.

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Pink Belt Clubs Formation