Mansi Chandra

Associate - Pink Belt Mission & Founder - Ta.Ra Innovations

Mansi Chandra started her entrepreneurial journey with the motive to be financially independent six years ago and started a small shoe manufacturing factory in a rented space in Agra named Ta.Ra Innovations. Her grit and determination bore fruit, and two years she built her own factory and eventually crossed the 100 crore mark in turnover by the fourth year. For her professional achievements, Mansi has been honoured by FICCI as the Outstanding Women Corporate Director and Canara Bank as the Best Women Entrepreneur.

Mansi stands out, as she is a women entrepreneur in a male-dominated industry of shoemaking. Female factory workers in the shoemaking industry would do small jobs and lacked skilled based training that pays well. Mainly as they never received the opportunity to learn or were trained. These important functions were dominated by male factory workers. To empower her female factory workers, Mansi has been training them with important skills essential for export shoemaking and has now successfully trained several of her staff to become more valuable through the knowledge of their skills.

Over the years Mansi has been closely interacting with her female employees and local women and has been guiding them to stand up for themselves, helping them become financially independent.

She met Aparna Rajawat , Founder of Pink Belt Mission who shared the same vision of empowering women, they both came together to define what Pink Belt Mission is today. While Mansi as an entrepreneur believed in empowering women through financial freedom and job-based skill training. Aparna in addition to this believed in empowering women in 5 dimensions, i.e. through physical strength, mental health, legal-rights awareness, digital awareness and emotional support, all together along with the knowledge of self-defence.

Today, Pink Belt Mission is not only helping empower women and children for their individual requirements but have also been organizing free of cost self-defence workshops for girls and women, as an initiative to train to protect themselves and stay prepared in times of any assault. Their shared vision towards women’s safety and empowerment created a global impact that furthered the cause. In February 2020, Pink Belt Mission was awarded the Guinness World Record for organising the largest self-defence session.


In 2016 our founder Aparna Rajawat started Aaleya Welfare Society to sponsor education for poor kids. Later, she started Pink Belt Mission with the objective to strengthen every Indian women by providing them health awareness, safety techniques, legal rights, cybercrime, self-defense, computer literacy, and vocational trainings in order to prevent sexual and domestic abuse.

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