Our Enlightenment Project is working on two educational programs:

Why donate to us

Most of non-profits received donations are spent blindly, donors never know where money goes to. We are known for being 100% honest and transparent so donors know where every contributing penny is being spent, how and who is getting benefitted. You’ll be frequently informed and also can even choose to have direct interaction with beneficiary with our assistance.

How it works

We have a one-to-one donation system where we offer donor the possibility to choose a kid to sponsor and become their education guardian as long as they want. If donor wishes, we can create a special bonding with the beneficiary by providing development updates, occasional interactions, and even introduction with their family.

Angel Care

Children Education Sponsorship Program

“Do not feed me but please educate me.”

Her words became the voice of many other children.

What we do

Pink Belt Enlightenment Project is working for the social development in India by sponsoring the education of unprivileged kids whose parents / guardians are financially unable to afford their studies. While the focus is on children, Angel Care program also coaches teachers, parents, care givers and social activists with knowledge, skills and attitude in many educational and professional facilities to provide adequate support to children.

How we do

These are some of the services we provide that make your donation transparent:

  • Video call with the sponsored kid as per your convenience Interpreter between you and child to communicate
  • Kid’s progress report sent regularly to you Meetings with the family whenever you visit India

Educational Sponsorship

Once you choose a child to sponsor we’ll send you his/her and family whole detailed profile, as well as a consent letter signed by his/her guardian accepting your help. It’s an annual contribution that patronizes all yearly expenses for school term:

How you can help

Early education can play a critical role during this important development period. There are many kids whose parents are either unable to afford their formal schooling or kids who are orphan and need somebody for their future development. Angel Care Program welcomes donors with the kindness to help these unprivileged kids and give them a chance in life. A little help from your side can definitely change the future of a family for a better living and thus the society. Any amount given by you will be a booster for these kids to start their studies.

Digital Literacy

Computer Education for females

India, as a developing country, is growing very fast digitally. The computer education is necessary for all and has many purposes, especially empowering women, but it is still not in the reach of lots of females in India. They need this help to improve their knowledge so they can have better opportunities in life, get better jobs, help their family livelihood and boost the society in its core development.

What we do

Our Pink Belt Enlightenment project, under the banner of its program Digital Literacy, has started free basic computer education for all females one year ago by student volunteer teachers. So far we trained over a hundred young girls, but basic education is not enough for them to build a career especially being a female in this competitive world.

How you can help

We are looking for sponsors to help us offer advanced courses, experienced professional teachers, quality equipment and better facilities. In that way we can provide more career oriented courses and train more females so they can have bright future and better opportunities.


In 2016 our founder Aparna Rajawat started Aaleya Welfare Society to sponsor education for poor kids. Later, she started Pink Belt Mission with the objective to strengthen every Indian women by providing them health awareness, safety techniques, legal rights, cybercrime, self-defense, computer literacy, and vocational trainings in order to prevent sexual and domestic abuse.

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