Educational Sponsorship

Here is a short profile of some of the children that are waiting for your helping hands:


Male (7 Years)

Divyansh has dreams in his eyes to become life support to his helpless family. His father is disabled and he quit from school as his mother could not earn sufficiently to afford her son school fees.


Female (9 Years)

Pooja was born in a labor class family, is a sharp mind and is keen to learn and grow but unfortunately she is an underprivileged girl as her family cannot afford to send her to school.


Female (14 Years)

Naina sings, dances and was class topper. Last year her father died in a road accident. Her mother is making their survival by stitching clothes and hardly manages food for them, so study is far apart.


Female (14 Years)

Seema lives in a slum area and struggles daily in household chores. Her family is working day and night for survival and none of the children get education in her family.


Male (8 Years)

He lost his father when he was just 5 years old and his mother has no other financial support. Young champ dreams to study and become a boxer, but without support none of his dreams can be accomplished.


Female (13 Years)

Her father lost both legs in an accident and mother is working as a cleaner in a school. Her family hardly provides sufficient food, but her commitment towards studies gives her strength. She deserves a chance.


Male (9 Years)

Sahil lost his mother and his father is handicapped and unable to get a regular job. Besides doing so much hard work, he can’t provide basic necessities to his children. Sahil is sharp and can do wonders if he has a chance to go to school. Become an officer is his life goal.


Female (14 Years)

Her father died and she’s the only girl in a family with 3 brothers. She has to work hard with her mom as cleaner to survive. All she wants is education for her and her brothers.


Female (5 Years)

Two years ago Simran lost her father. She lives with her mother, and is helping her mom doing household works in different houses, but that has not been enough to fulfill their daily needs. This young kid deserves to have a bright future.


Male (9 Years)

His parents died few years ago and his only brother is taking care of him by pulling rickshaw.


Female (7 Years)

She is an orphan child whose pain can’t be described in words. The only guardian she has is her grandfather who is 75+ years old. He is bringing her up and providing her daily necessities, but is unable to send her to school.


Male (10 Years)

He lives in a slum area with five more siblings. His father is a seasonal labor without permanent income and his mother is dedicated to the household services. Money is short to send even one kid to school.


Female (14 Years)

Intelligent by nature and very good in studies, her parents died in an accident and now she lives with her grandmother. Her family earnings are very low as her grandmother is very old and unable to keep up with her education expenses.


Female (12 Years)

Gungun is a very intelligent girl but her father suffers from tuberculosis, and because of that the whole income of her family is spent on his father’s disease.


Female (7 Years)

Nitra is a very creative girl and good in studies. Due to some fraud of a relative they lost their house. Family started facing hardship and Nitra had to leave school.


Female (5 Years)

Shivani is a daughter of a single mom who works as a maid cleaning other houses and hardly gets money to afford food for them. She’s a very bright kid, and if chances are given to her to go to school, she can change the fortune of family.


Male (13 Years)

His mother is suffering of incurable disease and his father is no help as he is an alcoholic. Raj dreams to become life support to his helpless family but he needs some help to make him achieve that.


Female (10 Years)

Tanvi lost her father in a road accident and he was the only earning source in the family. Her education stopped as her mother, even working as a street vendor, could not afford her school expenses.


Female (11 Years)

Khushi was born in a labor class family and has a huge ability to learn, but her family can’t afford to send her to school. Her father is disabled and her mother is the only source of earnings. Khusii helps her mother in the household activities.


Female (13 Years)

Tanisha’s parents can’t afford education for all children, so they prioritize sending their sons over daughters.


In 2016 our founder Aparna Rajawat started Aaleya Welfare Society to sponsor education for poor kids. Later, she started Pink Belt Mission with the objective to strengthen every Indian women by providing them health awareness, safety techniques, legal rights, cybercrime, self-defense, computer literacy, and vocational trainings in order to prevent sexual and domestic abuse.

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